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Almonds Help Control Weight and Lower Blood Pressure

by Jan McBarron M.D., N.D. (Health Headline News)

Recent research shows that almonds may help you to get rid of unwanted weight, decrease blood pressure, and (for diabetics) decrease the amount of diabetes medication you need. In this study, all of the participants ate the same number of calories.

While the diet of one of the groups included almonds, the other group got an equal number of calories from a carbohydrate source. The group that ate almonds lost 18% of their body weight, while the group that ate the carbohydrates lost only 11%. There was also a difference in waist circumference. The almond group’s waist circumference decreased by 14% compared with only 9% for the non-almond group. The systolic blood pressure dropped by 11% in the almond group and stayed the same for the non-almond group.

Many of the participants in the study were also able to be maintained on lower doses of their diabetes medications. 96% of the participants in the almond group lowered their doses, versus only 50% of those in the carbohydrate group. Watch this short video of Dr. McBarron as she explains why nuts should be a part of everyone’s diet even those trying to lose weight. She also points out some interesting health benefits and unusual facts about five different nuts including almonds: http://bit.ly/90DHte