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Almonds as a Solution for Allergies

If you are living with celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity or is just gluten conscious, or a wheat allergy, look no further than Just Almonds.  Almonds can open up delicious new world of taste and texture.

This section is dedicated to Almonds as a solution to these sensitivities.  Check back as we'll update the articles every week.

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  • Kimster's Gourmet Roasted Almond Butter - Kimster's Gourmet Roasted Almond Butter uses only the finest #1 select grade nonpareil almonds. They make a spread that is consistently creamy with a flavor just bursting with fresh almond goodness right to the bottom of the jar.  Kimster's Gourmet Roasted Almond Butter is made by Kim and John Borden in beautiful Fair Haven, NY. Their almond butter quickly developed a local following, so they launched into production in November 2009. Their products are gluten, peanut and sugar-free and are processed in a dedicated facility.
  • The gluten free mall