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Forget salons, make your own face packalmond facial

In your busy lifestyle, your work takes up more time than anything else, in fact your work leaves you mentally exhausted, physically tired and barely six hours of sleep, forget time to visit the beauty salon.

Another problem being, beauty salons are overcrowded over the weekends that you end up waiting for along time awaiting your turn. So how do you take care of your face in a scenario? The answer is simple, why not indulge in some face packs at your own convenient time in your personal space. Trust us, giving yourself a homemade face pack isn't rocket science.

Using face packs is one of the simple and easy ways to treat your skin well. Natural homemade face packs are prepared using fresh ingredients and are devoid of artificial chemicals that could hamper your skin. Try the following natural homemade face pack to suit your skin type and purpose:

The banana-honey face pack
Prepare a mix of two tablespoons of honey, two teaspoons of glycerin, one egg white and one small mashed banana. Whisk together all these ingredients to form a smooth consistency. Apply a little bit of this mixture all over your face and gently massage you face in circles for about five minutes. Then generously coat your face with the remaining mixture. Leave it to rest for about 15 minutes. Wash off with water.

The banana-honey face pack is great way to rejuvenate your facial skin and give it a supple feel. It also gives a cooling effect which feels very rewarding especially if you are very tired.

The cucumber-oatmeal face pack
Grate one cucumber and mix it with half a cup of curds and oatmeal each. Mix well and apply some of this pack on your face. Gently scrub your face with this pack. Add the remaining pack spreading it all over your face. Leave it to rest for about 10-15 minutes. Wash face with water.

The cucumber-oatmeal face pack is great for those with oily skin. The oatmeal here acts as a good scrub to get rid of the dead skin. The curds help to moisturises your skin without making it oily.

The avocado-cream face pack
Mash half an avocado, add about two tablespoons of cream and honey each. Whisk all these ingredient to a smooth consistency. Apply some of this mixture on your face and gently massage your face with your fingers in a circular motion. Spread remaining mixture on the face and leave aside for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with water.

If you want your face to have a glowing look, then the avocado-oatmeal face pack is very beneficial for those with dry skin. Though, avocado is creamy in texture, adding additional cream acts as a moisturising agent to give you a radiant glow.

The almond-kiwi face pack
Make a paste of a handful of almonds that have been soaked overnight. Add this paste to half a cup of besan or gram flour. Add a few tablespoons of milk and mix to get smooth consistency. Apply some of the mixture on your face and gently scrub your face. Spread remaining pack over the face. Place two slices of kiwi over your closed eyelids, leave aside for 15 minutes. Wash off with water.

To get rid of the tanned look, the almond-kiwi face pack is the ideal face pack option. Besan and almond paste in the face pack helps to brighten the skin, imparting fairness.