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Welcome to our articles section!  We scour the internet to find the latest information on almonds for you.

In this section, you'll find:

  • Industry news:  This section contains the latest news from the almond industry such as articles on the state of this year's almond crop, the size of the crop, news from the Almond Board of California and more.
  • Recipe ideas:  Of course, all of our almond recipes contain almonds.  Have a look here for yummy tart recipes, snack ideas for you and your kids and new, innovative recipes that we find on the internet.
  • Allergies.  Allergic to wheat or other things?  Almonds are a great alternative.  In this section we have great articles on the latest research.
  • Health.  Almonds are a natural health food and they pack alot of punch for their size.  Find out ways that you can be improving your health with almonds.

Visit this page often as it will be updated weekly!