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2011 CALIFORNIA ALMOND FORECAST Early almond bloom foretells excellent crop set
Ag report on almonds shows 2010 acreage up Almond bloom ‘hitting on all eight cylinders’
Continuous storms have S.J. farmers worried Ag Fax Crop Report for March, April 2011
Heavy rains have local farmers more concerned Late-spring, summer disease management 
critical for almonds
California Crop Weather: full bloom in early almonds Understanding the Gluten-Free Consumer
Almond processors struggle through a tough season
Western Farm Press
What do you get when you add a low 2009 almond crop carryover to a two-week later than normal start of 2010 harvesting operations and rainy fall weather? ...

Soggy almonds - 21/01/2011
The industry liaison manager with the Almond Board of Australia Ben Brown, says for the time being, growers seem to be managing the extra water well, ...

California almond harvest expected to set record
By Jeff Nachtigal After making big investments in almonds in the past few years, California farmers are seeing their efforts pay off with predictions their ...