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Featured Client for August:

Kimster Foods

In 2004, Kim Borden of Fairhaven, NY discovered that she had Celiac Disease.

Instead of suffering from the disease, Kim has come to embrace it.

To empower herself, Kim began searching for recipes and foods that would contribute to her overall health AND taste good. So, she decided to have her hand at making her own almond butter.

Using her food chopper, Kim began to experiment. As she played around with it for fun, each tiny batch she made became better and better. Kim was encouraged by her friends and her husband that she was truly onto something truly different. She decided that she was on a mission to find "the recipe."

As her friends and family tried her almond butter, they began to request it and her almond butter took on a life of its own. And before Kim and her husband John knew it, Kimster Foods was born!

Although Kim and her husband are not allergic to peanuts, they sympathize with the difficulty of finding good products for a narrow diet. So they took steps to ensure that their almonds come straight from the almond farm - with no cross-contamination with peanuts!

Kim has also battled with Candida and sugar/sugar substitutes became a huge issue. To create their almond products, Kim uses stevia, an all-natural plant-based sweetener considered to be safe for the Candida diet. Kimster Foods uses Rabiana, a sweetener derived from the stevia plant. The only "sugars" in our product come from the almonds themselves. There is nothing refined or unnatural.

Their facility is 100% dedicated gluten-free, peanut-free, and sugar-free. The Kimster Foods product line includes:

Original Almond Butter - The Original Almond Butter is simply great on everything! You'll want to just eat it with a spoon!

Cinnamon Almond Butter The Cinnamon Flavor Almond Butter is bursting with flavor! Great on crackers, rice cakes or your favorite breakfast bread.

Chocolate Dipping Sauce - Their Chocolate Almond Dipping Sauce is simply divine. Try it as a fruit dip or pour over ice cream.

If you're looking to order some great almond butter or chocolate dipping sauce, look to Kimster Foods. To order, visit the web site at www.KimsterFoods.com, call (315) 947-6214 or email kim@kimsterfoods.com.