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Do you have Crohn's Disease?  If so, vote for this study at the Pepsi Refresh Project

 Relieve the suffering of patients with Crohn's Disease

Texas Tech University Health Sci Center & The Crohn's Disease Initiative, Inc.

The goals of this project include defining infectious agents that may cause some cases of Crohn's Disease, identify patients infected with these agents, and developing new effective treatment methods. 

Here is the description of the study:

There is increasing evidence that some cases of Crohn's disease may be caused by an infectious germ commonly known as MAP. However, efforts to identify those patients that may be infected with this germ have not been pursued. As a result, patients that may be infected with this germ have not received adequate treatment and continue to suffer unnecessarily. We plan to develop a sensitive comparative technique (PCR) that can identify these patients. By doing so, it may be possible to cure the disease in these patients. Unfortunately, this approach has not been pursued and the patients have been the ones to suffer. With the resources and expertise available at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, we can develop the methods required to resolve this issue and bring the desperately needed hope so many patients need.

If you would like to vote for this project, click this link at the Pepsi Refresh Project and click "vote" on the bottom of the screen.