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Charleston Nut Company and The Hilton Head Popcorn Company

The Charleston Nut Company and The Hilton Head Popcorn Company are proud brands of Tides Enterprises. 

Charleston Nut Company and Hilton Head Popcorn Company's parent company, Tides Commodity Trading Group, was named Top 10 in Capital Coporation/South Carolina Chamber of Commerce's "South Carolina's Fastest-Growing Companies 2009 Top 25".

Charlston Nut and Hilton Head offer a great line of products, including nuts, fruits, seeds, chocolates, candy, specialty popcorn and more.

Charlston Nut offers the following almond products:

Charlston Nut also offers bulk almond products including Marcona almonds, whole and natural raw almonds, blanched-sliced almonds, slivered almonds, whole almonds, almond meal (flour), natural, diced almonds, roasted almonds, roasted & salted diced almonds and smoke house almonds.

To order, contact Charlston Nut at 843-886-NUTS (6887) or visit CharlstonNut.com.