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Almond Life Cyclebuy california almonds now

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Almonds in the Spring

An almond's life cycle begins in late February when California's fertile farmlands are transformed into a sea of white blossoms. Each blossom must be pollinated by a honeybee so the nutlet will grow to full maturity.


Almonds in the Summer

Pollinated blossoms turn into fuzzy green hulls popping out among the branches. Inside this protective hull, the almond shell and kernel are taking shape. During the warm summer heat, the hulls split open, revealing the almond shell.

Almonds in the Fall

By September, the nuts are ready for harvest. After the almonds are shaken off the trees, they are sent to Blue Diamond's modern processing plants to be shelled, diced, blanched or roasted for our customers.

Almonds in the Winter

By December, almond orchards lose their leaves and are dormant for the cold months ahead. Trees are pruned to help sunlight reach the new buds and leaves. Almond trees take about five years to mature and bear a full crop.