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Wholesale almonds, Bulk Almonds and Almond Flour

Almond products direct from California.

Below are all of the types of wholesale almonds, bulk California almonds carried by Just Almonds. To order, simply click on the image or description and you'll be taken to the order page for that almond variety.

All of our California almonds are steam pasteurized. This means that short bursts of steam are shot onto the outer skin of the almond. This does not affect the nutritional integrity of the almond. Organic almonds use this same form of pasteurization. This treatment typically softens the almond making it less crunchy than unpasteurized almonds.

What Kinds of Almonds to Order

If you are not sure of the type of almond that you are looking for, please order the Nonpareil variety. Nonpareil almonds are the most common variety. Order Carmel or Mission if you are looking for something new and different.

Blanched almond flour
White almond flour, made from almonds without skins
Natural almond flour
Natural almond flour, made from almonds with skins
Almonds for eating
Nonpareil Variety
US Supreme #1
Most Common & Mild in Flavor
Cooking/Baking/Candy Almonds
Carmel Variety
US Select Sheller Run
Less Expensive & Mild
Roasting Almonds
Mission Variety
US Select Sheller Run
Strong in Flavor

Almonds for
Blanched, whole & broken almonds

Sliced Blanched Almonds
Sliced almonds without skin
Sliced Natural Almonds
Sliced almonds with skin
Diced Blanched Almonds
Diced almonds without skin
Diced Natural Almonds
Diced almonds with skin

Almonds for Grinding
Natural, whole & broken almonds